Looking for a new opportunity in Physio?


Company Culture

MMP is a company which prides itself on having a vibrant, dynamic and supportive culture.

MMP team members bring a vibrant, positive energy to each and every patient interaction, team meeting and social gathering. Every MMP team member is driven to be successful and we support each other to be the best physio we can be every single day.

We are a dynamic organisation with service needs that are growing all the time. Having recently broken into the Melbourne market successfully we are currently looking for our next opportunity.

MMP is structured to provide a flexible and supportive environment for all team members. Our new graduate program lays the foundations for a great career and our experienced practitioners have opportunities for further training and are encouraged to share their knowledge with the team. We are a growing business, which creates constant opportunities to develop leadership skills and climb the career ladder should you wish.

The Benefits

Diverse group of patients which means your day is NEVER boring!

Driving around the beautiful city of Sydney – no need to be locked in a clinic or hospital all day!

Mentoring program available for each and every team member

Autonomy - no micromanaging - plan your own day but with as much support as you need

Online systems & messaging so help is never far away should you need it

Weekly bootcamps and regular team fun!

Weekly tutorial & professional development program provided by some of the best physiotherapists in the business, no better place to start your physio career or take it to the next level.

The Team

MMP ARE a team and not just a group of people working for a company. We pride ourselves on

Diverse Range of Skills and Experience

Open To Both New Graduates & Experienced Physiotherapists

Sociable (Weekly Boot Camp & Regular Social Events)

Supportive Environment To Learn and Be Part of The Team

The Location

This is a mobile job, with a general area of practice in Sydney. The office hub is based in the eastern suburbs and then you are allocated your geography of patients.

It’s a mix of seeing clients in their home, work place,gym or nursing home – the setting constantly changes which means your day is never dull!

We offer EVERYTHING a client needs! We have a diverse range of Clients with a diverse range of Physio needs.

Rehabilitation / Musculoskeletal / Respiratory / Disability / Neuro / Geriatrics / Orthopaedics all wrapped into one job with plenty of support from teammates to manage clinical questions and challenges.

Why Work Here

A dynamic & fun environment which will help you be the best possible physio you can be at any stage in your career.

Great for those who are looking to increase or develop their clinical skillset.

Great opportunity to pick up part time hours for experienced physiotherapists.

Amazing professional development program for new graduates within work hours.

Why We're Different

It’s a privilege treating people in their own environment - treatment in the home creates high client compliance and motivation which is incredibly rewarding as the treating therapist.

Pathway in the company for personal and professional growth - climb the ladder into management and even running your own branch of MMP.

Our passion is to enable ALL members of the community access to physiotherapy services and live their best quality of life possible

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